Our Mission

Our values and our mission are two things that guide us in everything we undertake—every day. By staying true to our values and our mission all the time, we are able to serve our viewers and society, bringing them stories from around the world as they unfold.

We pursue the truth. And we help our viewers develop a better, deeper understanding of the world we live in.

CANADA TV NEWS not only shares the news but also shapes ideas. It raises topics that matter to you and that no one else is raising. We are the most respected name in press criticism, and our work is frequently quoted by other top media players. Through deep reporting and fast-turn analysis, CANADA TV NEWS has emerged as an important venue for journalists and thousands of professionals from various fields, such as communications, academia, technology, and others. We strongly believe that great and ethical journalism possesses the power to enrich the lives of readers and make society as a whole juster and stronger. At CANADA TV NEWS , we pride ourselves on our ability to do what others are not doing enough—tell the human story in a humane way. What this means is telling the stories of those that are behind the news and those affected by it and those who are often ignored with empathy and respect.

Because we do this, our team goes to places where other organizations rarely venture. In a normal week, we could be reporting live from faraway places such as Antarctica, interviewing people stuck in war zones such as Sudan or Afghanistan, or meeting the last Palestine cave dwellers. Every week, editors at CANADA TV NEWS compile a newsletter that showcases some of the best work done by our reporters that week. Thanks to this newsletter, you can stay up-to-date with stories that have made headlines, as well as with stories that haven’t.  In addition to these, we also add to the newsletter a few handpicked documentaries, opinion pieces, and analyses to help you understand the news better. It is serious to us that our message and mission are shared and rallied around across our entire business operation. It’s what keeps us inspired and focused each and every day.

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