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Do you have News/Stories to share with our Editor? Publish your own News/Story with us. To send us Exclusive News or a News for Press Release column or Share A Confidential Tip, please contact Alisha at [email protected] To report corrections for some news, clarifications, information, feedback, or Advertise, please contact Natasha Williams at [email protected] For sending Media Invitations for the coverage of any event or program, please contact Editor Julia Lauren (+1- 9178260142) at [email protected] If you want to contact directly to our Chief Editor, CEO & Chairman of USA TV NEWS CORP, Mr. Harry – Hemant Kaushik for any valuable suggestions, please contact at [email protected] or [email protected]

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CEO: Harry – Hemant Kaushik

Managing Editor: Julia Lauren

News Director: Gary Thomas

Project Director: Simi Boodoo

Director, Sales & Strategy: Katrina Palmer

International Director: Robert Nelson 

Global Editorial Director: Paul Walker

Global Social Media Director: Anna Carter

Director of Communications & PR: Emily Walsh

Director Business Development: John Rogers

Director Analytics & Operations: Nick MullenDirector Digital Products: James Breen

Editor Social Media: Eric Scott

Editor Investigative: Josh Wilson

Editor Lifestyle & Entertainment: Nick Mullen

Editor Online Video: Amy Cooper